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Chapter 7 Grandpa God who got lucky Chapter 7 Grandpa God who got lucky Chapter 7 Grandpa God who got lucky Look at me, I look at you.Everyone s first thought was Is this kid a rookie He s an expert Even old cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Conte gave Li Zihan a surprise look.Of course, Sanchez did not stop there Mr.Li, have you considered joining other teams Many teams are willing to introduce young players with potential like you to give you training and experience to let you grow.As far as I know Milan is such a team, how do you say it in Chinese Oh, yes, they are thirsty for talent The other reporters Division of Camiguin holistix farms cbd gummies reviews on the scene looked at each other, Sanchez was no longer digging news, but digging the wall Yes, Chiguoguo Li Zihan is not a fuel efficient good boy in the first place, as you can see from his glorious history , he didn t want to cause trouble and was focused on playing football, but in the end, trouble came to him.The remaining three central midfielders should organize, insert, long range or transfer cooperation according to the division of labor before the game, and launch a bold attack on the opponent.These must be quickly decided according to the on the spot situation.The two wing forwards should actively run and cooperate with each other, or cooperate with the avant garde teammates who plug in, create and use the space, and look for shooting opportunities in the entire offensive system, the three midfielders are the offensive hubs, connecting the three lines organically Get up to firmly control the initiative of the overall offense.Be careful holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me not to fight independently and disconnect the three parts.During the frontcourt defense, because the formation has a large number of holistix farms cbd gummies reviews midfielders, the two full backs and A central midfielder should often cooperate with two forwards in the frontcourt to carry out active and active steals, steals and joint efforts to encircle the opponent, and once the ball is successfully intercepted, he will immediately launch continuous attacks.Di Natale came to Marchisio in a blink of an eye, his center of gravity sank and his upper body kept swinging from side to side.Then a cyclist successfully tricked Marchisio, but before his complacent face showed, the ball was broken.Just as he successfully shook Marchisio away, suddenly a foot stretched out from the front of him and behind Marchisio, and quickly poked the ball away.At first he thought it was Marchisio who was shoveling someone behind his back, and he was planning to complain to the referee, but when he looked up, he saw Chiellini smiling in front of him.The damn italian At this time, Di Natale forgot that he was also an Italian.Although Di Natale s ball was poked off, the crisis still exists, because the ball fell to the feet of Udinese striker Mikosur.After the Brazilian received the ball, he natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews accelerated to commit suicide in Juventus penalty area, which seemed to be going straight to Huanglong.Foul Uncle Zhan Jun who saw this scene yelled immediately.When he was about to fall to the ground, he put his hands on the ground, and then bent his body with his hands and feet together, trying to crawl towards the ball unsteadily.It was funny, but no one laughed at him.Everyone stared at the serious purple figure.Chapter 19 The cheating Italian architectChapter 19 The cheating Italian architect.In his mouth, he was planning to call the opponent for a foul.He saw that Li Zihan did not fall to the ground but crawled towards the ball.According to the principle of favorable attack, he did not blow the whistle immediately, but he would immediately blow the whistle if there was something wrong.The distance from the ball was getting closer The nearby Li Zihan stood up slowly, then began to speed up, and finally caught the ball that was dropped by him.It seems that this is not the beginning of the second half, but the end of the game.struggle.Lampard s long range shot went over the goal Demba Ba received Mata s wonderful pass and dribbled into the penalty area, but was directly cut off by Chiellini Hazard plugged into the penalty area in the back row and hit the goal vigorously, but was caught by Buffon without any risk.Chelsea attacked unrestrainedly, while Juventus also defended very safely.After ten minutes in the second half, the two sides seemed to have gradually fallen into a stalemate again.Chelsea was the first to break the deadlock, and Di Matteo used a dead ball opportunity to use the first substitution of the game.Center Torres replaced Oscar, who had been unsatisfactory throughout the game.Torres and Oscar completed the handover ceremony with a high five.Goalkeeper De Sanctis jumped decisively, trying to hug the beautiful girl with both hands.The intervention of the 1.90 meter tall Italian aroused the dissatisfaction of the Juventus players.They watched the big man embrace the delicate and petite beauty with both hands in the air.The picture seems to be frozen.De Sanctis, the evil third party, has a smug smile on his face, the dilated pupils of the Naples players, the resentment of the Juventus players, and the quiet fans on both sides of the stands.Look at the ball in the penalty area of Naples.Facts have proved that not every beauty likes beasts.Just when De Sanctis thought he was about to succeed, the beauty gave a coquettish smile and then shyly avoided Gloves on DeSanctis hairy hands.The ball scraped the corner of the crossbar and post and flew into the goal.See you tomorrow, Andrea.When Pirlo walked into the parking lot and was about to drive, he heard the sound of bang, bang coming from the big wall of the training base.He smiled and shook his head.This unlucky boy is really working hard.ButYoung is good, full of energy Then I started the car and went home.And Li Zihan in the training base cbd gummies for copd from shark tank was tirelessly practicing free kicks, and at this time a voice came Hey, Li, why are you still training so late tonight Li Zihan turned his head and saw Giacherini wiping hemp bombs cbd gummies 2000mg his wet hair with a towel, and he could tell that he had just taken a shower.It s Xiao Qi s turn to be on duty lately Sad reminder, Xiao Qi can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews is still in the company s office when you read this chapter.What a rare weekend Chapter 56 Animals are not as good as animals Chapter 56 A beast is not as good as a beast.At this time, Li Zihan suddenly accelerated , and was thrown away by Li Zihan s speed.God, Li s speed is too fast, I wonder if Milan will ask Li Zihan for a urine test after the game Hahaha Li Zihan, who was dribbling the ball quickly, did not intend to slow down in the slightest.He saw Silvestre from the corner of his eye and knew that the other party was no threat to him.Little boy, this time I even fouled I don t even give you the chance, hum Sometimes when people are doing a set of actions or doing things smoothly, they often encounter the body to do some conditioned reflexes, and the body does it without thinking about it.Li Zihan is like this.When facing the last central defender Samuel, Li Zihan didn t have time to think, his body made a movement.He flicked the ball with his right foot and avoided it.Pirlo got faster and faster, and holistix farms cbd gummies reviews finally came to the ball and pulled the foot of the mountain, and the ball flew up with a bang.Draw an arc in the air and fly over the jumping wall, and then hang straight to the upper right corner of the goal.Pirlo took a free kickHe went straight to the goal, and it really was a holistix farms cbd gummies reviews direct shot Handanovic saw the ball flying over the wall, and did not take off blindly, but confirmed it After the ball s route, it took off decisively when it began to fall.Handanovic stretched his body in the air, opened his hands, and straightened his palms as much as possible.He felt that the angle of the ball was too deadly, and his take off height could not keep up.So he stretches his body as far as he can, to the max.The Juventus fans at the scene stared at Inter Milan s goal with their mouths wide open and their eyes wide open, while the Inter Milan fans also stared nervously at their own penalty area.

After hearing this, Aunt Sophia was satisfied.He returned to the bench on the sidelines and sat down again.The conversation between Conte and Sophia was unknown to the team members, and of course if Li Zihan heard about it, he would be wronged.Every time I play the game, I feel like I m getting bloody.How can I relax and lose my concentration At the end cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews of training at night, Li Zihan dragged his body back to the dormitory, which he felt no longer belonged to him up.Such high intensity training exhausted him even the extra free kick training.He usually needs to practice extra free kicks for one and a half to two hours, but today he only lasted for an hour When Li Zihan left, he saw that Giacherini was still seriously practicing dribbling It is worth mentioning that Pirlo, who usually helped Li Zihan practice extra free kicks, fell asleep on the bench and didn t wake up until Li Zihan was gone Sure enough Older people are different Arsenal is so pitiful, let s not talk about signings in Xia Tian and selling them wellwas killed in the first game and got injured.Chapter 90 Li Zihan s first ninth time Chapter 10 Li Zihan s first time in the Juventus team s good mood training, they spent a good week.On the weekend ushered in a new round of the league, it is worth mentioning that the last In the first round, Inter Milan really lost the chain.They were 3 2 away from Atalanta, who Li Zihan called toothache and difficult to play.AC Milan did not live up to it.The fight is full of teeth.Among the favorites to win the championship, only Naples and Juventus have won.Naples defeated the weak team Genoa 4 2 in the away game.And this round of the league Juventus will face the arch enemy duo of the capital In Lazio, Naples will play against AC Milan at home.Inter Milan will sit at Meazza and wait for the port team Cagliari to send a three pointer.As the focus of the battle, Naples will play against AC Milan, and Juventus will play against Lazio.Vanovic was staring at it.There was no good holistix farms cbd gummies reviews chance to receive the pass.Juventus s lightning quick attack seemed to be aborted.Although it was a pity, Juventus launched a volley in the first few seconds.The attack that disrupted the opponent s formation on the field gave the opponent a blow.Alejandro said quickly, he was afraid that the situation would change if he was a second on the field, but it was a fast break game.Although he spoke very fast, the fans in front of the TV could still hear every word of him clearly.Fast and clear speech, which has always been the hallmark of Alessandro s commentary.Li Zihan aimed at the target, and glanced at Lampard, Terry and Azpilicueta who were surrounded from all sides Mikel behind him couldn t see who sells cbd gummies for tinnitus he Suddenly stopped the ball and did not rush the ball in Terry s direction.Then he suddenly stepped on the ball, stopped, and finally pulled the rear wheel of his right leg obliquely, and his body tilted accordingly This is the tendency to use his right foot to hit the right side of the goal resolutely.Li was about to shoot.He chose to take a long shot from outside the penalty area.He even had time to stop the ball and adjust the angle.Is this contempt and provocation Will it be playing with fire Will the ball be Will it go in Petr Cech was startled, of course he understood the meaning of this action I m going to hit the right side of your goal, that s for sure, as for the high ball or the earth, you can guess for yourself.Cech didn t have time to guess or think about other things.Reflexively, he fell to the ground and rushed towards the football under Li Zihan s feet.It is light to be beaten severely, but it is real to lose one s life.There are many murders of the uneducable faction.Lazio s uneducable faction even burned a police car and stabbed a policeman to death The referee did not care about the quarrel between the three party fans.This is normal in European football.It s also UEFA s job er The holistix farms cbd gummies reviews only surprise is that there are fans from three camps today when two teams play a game The Portuguese head coach came to Terry, faced him holistix farms cbd gummies reviews and showed him a yellow card, then said something to him, which should cbd gummies liver damage be a verbal warning, and then indicated that the Juventus team doctor can enter the field to check the players In the end, he took out a small notebook to record his injuries.What Just a yellow card Rams is sure he didn t draw the wrong card John Terry basically went to Lee s ankle without the ball.For example, Paris Saint Germain and Porto in Group A, Arsenal and Schalke Zero Four in Group B, and Malaga and AC Milan in Group C.The situation in Group D is complicated, because this is a legendary death group , which includes Real Madrid, one of the Western Super League duo Borussia Dortmund, the Bundesliga powerhouse with three crowns in two years and the down and out aristocrat, the Dutch giants Ajax who once won the Champions League three consecutive times.Before the game, all the bricks in this group said that although it is difficult to play, Real Madrid and Manchester City should qualify, and then Dortmund will play in the UEFA Cup, and Ajax will be at the bottom.After all, in terms of the strength of the lineups of the two sides, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Battleship and the Manchester City team with Aguero, Dzeko, and David Silva, which were smashed with pounds, have an overwhelming advantage in strength.You must know that Li Zihan is very Division of Camiguin holistix farms cbd gummies reviews famous in China now.Anyone who pays attention to football knows him His name, even in Italy, many people know him, including London, England Chelsea fans still haven t forgotten him Li Zihan sat down with everyone, and then chatted and laughed with everyone.Everyone Li Zihan raised his glass to toast, but Li Zihan declined, saying that the training camp will be in two days, and it is not good to drink now, and he has to save his body to play the game.Wait until the summer vacation, and drink enough with everyone.Everyone expressed their understanding.He also It satisfied the questions of many curious people, and even a buddy patted Li Zihan s shoulder after drinking too much and said, Brother, I think you play really well.Messi and Ronaldo are far behind.Iaquinta, who just said hello in advance, completed the transfer , left his zebra career for more than four years, and can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews went to the small team Cesena.The media only mentioned Iaquinta s departure a little bit.He is like a wave, without forming any waves in the sea.Fans They just felt sad and didn t show any reluctance.Instead, the extreme fans cheered.They thought that a sick patient who could not play for a long time wasted a lot of salary by staying in the club.In fact, Iaquinta s salary very low very low They all forgot that Juventus had just recovered from the Calciopoli incident, who was scoring and assisting them one by one until they won the victory.They also forgot who used that oft injured body to keep fighting for the benefit of the Bianconeri on the field.Iaquinta, who didn t have any outstanding performances in more than two seasons and didn t have many opportunities to play, has already faded out of the fans vision.

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Everyone knows that Conte is a typical strict wife.After hearing Conte s words, many worried players also quieted down.They also know how cruel and competitive the current professional football is, and they also understand that it is impossible for them to play in Juventus until they retire.If there is a team with more than one league, they can give them enough games They are also willing to play, with a reasonable salary.Their only fear is that they will not be able to leave, not being sold.Even if Iaquinta and Anelka are gone, the Juventus striker next season will still be There are many, more than six.Generally, teams that play double forwards always have four forwards, so the players in the remaining forward positions are tragic, and there are almost no games to play.Sitting on the bench until the end of the contract, this is It s not what they want to see.They were more about expressing a determination and scaring each other.And Conte could see clearly that Ledesma s tackle was completely running for the ball, and indeed he tackled the ball first.It s just that I couldn t hold back anymore and accidentally shoveled Chiellini down.So Chiellini was completely holistix farms cbd gummies reviews innocent Conte gritted his teeth and cbd gummies queens ny used all the last two substitutions.C ceres replaced Chiellini who was injured and could not continue the game.Li Zihan replaced striker Giacherini and formed a double fast striker partner with Giovinco.Then after the game restarted, Conte s substitutions achieved obvious success.Li Zihan and Giovinco are both speed forwards.The two of them often cooperated to make Lazio s backcourt uneasy, while Ledesma defended Li Zihan but couldn t guard Giovinco, allowing Giovinco to easily face the central defender and goalkeeper.And Inter Milan certainly would not have thought that when we had an absolute advantage in the standings, we would be in front of them.Our home team took the lead and played offensively cbd gummies mayim with them.Then if we can lead smoothly, we will start to make changes in the second half.Remember, this game is the Italian national derby, and the derby will show the momentum of the derby.Although natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews , Now Inter Milan s results are no longer worthy of the title of national derby, but how do you say it A centipede is dead but not stiff a skinny camel is bigger than a horse.Li Zihan immediately answered.Conte waved his hand That s right, that s what it means.Although I don t know what it means, it s what it means anyway.The boss is getting more and more humorous.In the past, although Pogba liked to say some funny things when talking to the boss, but at that time the boss always kept a straight face So, now, holistix farms cbd gummies reviews let s go.Captain Zanetti did not play this game due to physical problems, and Cambiasso, the core of the midfielder, also needs to rest because he has just played two national team games.After all, he is already very young.The forwards, Milito and Palacio, were not selected chill gummies cbd for the how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa national team.Everyone knows that Argentina cbd gummies in clifton ohio s strikers are full of talents, such as Messi, cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Higuain, Aguero and Tevez.Everyone is a world class striker in his prime.Therefore, Milito and Palacio, who have passed their thirties, are out of the country.The media didn t pay attention before the game.The Asian are cbd gummies legal mn battle between Yin Nagatomo Yudu and Li Zihan is over.First of all, there has been a lot of news to write about the national team games in the past few days, and there will be games in major leagues soon, so they don t have to worry about it.Li Zihan was lying on the bed, his right leg had already been treated by the doctor, and it was wrapped in gauze with a leg brace inside.He kept muttering What should I dowhat should I do.Susan poured him a glass of boiling water holistix farms cbd gummies reviews and said, What can I do You are already like this, maybe you can still play football Ah, Juventus will not be disbanded without you, and you will not die if you play a few fewer games.It is better to rest in peace of mind and heal your injuries.When you recover from your injuries, you can play as you like.Don t suffer from injuries in the future.I went to the park in a wheelchair to bask in the sun.Susan holistix farms cbd gummies reviews was called by Conte, and Conte originally thought that Li Zihan s legs and feet were inconvenient, and it might be inconvenient to live alone at home, so he asked Susan to take care of her Let s talk about Li Zihan.Of course, Di Natale s success rate is relatively small Too much, at least good vibes cbd gummies he has to complete a hat trick without Li Zihan and Cavani scoring a goal to be able to win the best shooter in the league.In terms of the recent state of Cavani and holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me Li Zihan, this Seems like an unrealistic question Juventus played all the main players against Sampdoria in the away game, and the two teams staged an offensive battle in just a mere first half, which made the fans amazed.In the third minute, Li Zihan received a pass from Vidal and made a personal breakthrough in the middle.After evading the interception of the first central defender, he shot a strong goal.The ball was hugged by the talented Argentine goalkeeper Romero.In the fifth minute, Sampdoria immediately counterattacked and retaliated.The opponent s full back holistix farms cbd gummies reviews intercepted Lischsteiner s ball, and then crossed at a diagonal of 45 degrees.But he suddenly flicked the ball horizontally, and Vidal, who holistix farms cbd gummies reviews came up at high speed from behind, didn t even stop the ball, and just kicked hard.The ball was so fast that Romero didn t have time to react, and it hit the inside of the post and bounced into the goal.One to zero, Juventus temporarily leads away.Vidal gave Li Zihan a big hug, and then said with a smile that he should have forced the goal instead of passing it to him.Li Zihan just smiled and said that it doesn t matter who scores the goal, as long as someone from our team scores the goal.In the thirteenth minute, Sampdoria immediately fought back.In a corner attack, Lopez beat Bonucci header.Buffon jumped high and hit the ball with both fists.Immediately after Chiellini made a big foot clearance.In the 20th minute, Li Zihan received a through ball from Vidal in return, and Li Zihan immediately started to try to how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa hit the opponent behind him.Li Zihan and denver cbd gummy bears Susan were the first to arrive among the players, because the teammates of the team basically either flew from the cbd gummies from icbd review resort or flew out of the national training camp, so it took some time.Almost all Juventus players came today, as well as some members of the club s board of directors, some officials from the Football Association, and some celebrities who Conte made friends with.And Li Zihan s dress is undoubtedly the most shabby among many people, because who attended Conte s wedding ceremony is either rich or expensive So they can dress very carefully, which means very expensive Even Pogba is wearing a dress that he said was made by the chief designer of a famous French brand, plus The price of some accessories such as watches is almost half the price of a brand name sports car.

In this way, holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me while increasing one s own strength, it also weakens the opponent s strength.When this news came out, it was not Wenger or Mourinho who came out to expose it first, but Arsenal fans.Why Because in recent years, Arsenal s tradition of selling captains has scared Arsenal fans like a frightened bird.Many fans protested at the Arsenal Stadium.First, they protested the poor performance of the team in recent years.Second, they protested that the team could not retain outstanding players.The protests of the fans are not unreasonable.Arsenal, which has not had a championship for eight years, has lost its former glory.Van Persie, Nasri and Cesc Fabregas have left the Arsenal one after another, and those who buy in the transfer market are often young players who have never changed.They have one thing in common Cheap Fans still miss Henry, Vieri, Bergkamp and others more and more.Wilshere shrugged innocently, and apologized to Li Zihan, but Li Zihan shook his head indifferently.Only now did Li Zihan feel the pain of his teammates not being able to understand his thoughts, and he might not be able to think of his teammates thoughts.I am used to the smooth sailing in Juventus, but I felt a little weak in a small training session at Arsenal.If the ball was Vidal or Pogba just now, it would definitely be inserted.No matter what actions I make over there, even if I really force a shot, the two of them will definitely get in.Viviano patted Li Zihan on the shoulder with his gloves on, and said in Italian The feint just now was very beautiful, and it fooled everyone.And when you were in Juventus, you usually played the ball by yourself.Why did you choose to pass the ball today Modesat s speed and agility can t affect you at all.But comparing Arsenal s Kearney with Juventus Vinovo base, Li Zihan has to admit that Kearney is more luxury.This luxury does not mean luxury and extravagance, but the perfect supporting facilities of the Kearney base.There are ten pieces of lawn for training alone, each of which is equipped with underground drainage and automatic sprinkler system.Each block is built strictly according to the standard size of the Emirates Stadium lawn, and even two of them have luxury underground heating facilities.Juventus Vinovo base has a total of only three and a half blocks of lawn, and only one has a geothermal system.This aspect alone shows how good Arsenal s training is.The internal facilities of the base also surprised Li Zihan.In addition to the gymnasium, treatment room, massage room and restaurant that most clubs have, it also has a sauna room and a swimming pool with adjustable depth that many clubs do not have.Podolski s goal made the Gunners fans see hope again, and holistix farms cbd gummies reviews now the game has only progressed to 60 minutes.There are still 30 minutes to equalize the score or even overtake the score, at least there is no problem with the time.Flying holistix farms cbd gummies reviews passionately in Highbury, I identified the enemy s residence, Waiting for them to set the target, then I used my usual calm, Resolute, I stabbed into his arrogance, Deep into his proud heart bang, bang, bang, ah, he s got the scent of gunsmoke on him A sea of red and white filled the stands at the Emirates Stadium as supporters held up their Arsenal themed scarves and cheered.Members of a fan group even held a glass of cold beer and shouted in unison to Podolski in the distance Greetings, Polti Just when the fans thought it was not long before the tie, Aston Villa s head coach certainly knows it too.Reporter for the Italian branch of L Equipe, Richard Sanchez.In fact, Sanchez, who knew that he could not get along in L Equipe, after a few days of hesitation, finally resolutely chose to follow in the footsteps of the person he hated the most and came to England.Because of Li Zihan s departure, many things he wrote have no market in Serie A.After all, not many Serie A fans will pay attention to a young player who has left Serie A, whether it is scandal or performance on the court.Moreover, after Li Zihan and Lamela left, Real Madrid kept a close eye on Milan s can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews young defender De Sciglio, and there were rumors that Shalawi would also transfer to other leagues.This has attracted the attention of the Serie A committee.Today, many stars in Serie A are no longer considering joining the Serie A team.Then, Chelsea, who lacked a striker, immediately winked at Rooney.And Rooney also took the initiative to reject the renewal proposed by Manchester United, and the renewal negotiations between Manchester United s offensive core and the team reached a deadlock.Everything seems to be going in a direction that is unfavorable to Manchester United, and at this time the successor named by the old coach Ferguson himself has been questioned.It s not that the team lost, but that the tactics he brought to the team didn t bring anything to the team at all.The only thing that may bring is that they no longer look like giants, and play like a mid range team.Some people say that it took Ferguson nearly 30 years to turn Manchester United into a European giant.And it took only three games for Moyes to destroy this giant Ferguson certainly doesn t like the accusations of the media and fans against the team he has worked so hard for for 27 years.Although Gotze jumped to Bayern, Reus, one of Dortmund s twin stars, is still staying at home.Last season, he played a big four against Real Madrid.The hottest player in Europe today Lewandowski, one of the forwards, is still there.And Naples even hired a veteran coach this summer who has won many league titles, the Champions League and the UEFA Cup.The former Liverpool meritorious coach Benitez led Chelsea to the UEFA Cup by mistake last season.At the same time, Naples also introduced Real Madrid veterans such as Callejon and Higuain, and also loaned the experienced Spanish goalkeeper Reina from the Red Army Liverpool, and there are also Hamsik, who stayed in the team last season.Players like Pandev, Insine and Cannavaro Jr.And what about Arsenal Besides Li Zihan, who spent 20 million, and veteran Flamini, who spent nothing, what other effective signings do they have Could it be Chamberlain and Gibbs who came up from the youth academy Moreover, Dortmund was also last season s Champions League runner up, but they eliminated Real Madrid.What happened in the last 24 hours The Chinese fans who woke up the next day found that the whole person is not good , and felt as if they had come to Mars when they woke up.The fans who did not sleep and followed the European transfer situation shouted wonderfully and watched a wonderful movie.At 2 am on September 2, Beijing time, Real Madrid and Tottenham both announced that Bell officially joined Real Madrid.The media in Madrid determined that the transfer fee was 91 million euros, while the bbc, Sky Sports, Reuters, and L Equipe announced it was 100 million euros.3 and 4 in the morning of the 2nd Al Jazeera suddenly broke the shocking news that Arsenal offered Real Madrid 47 million euros to introduce Ozil.Spain s Serre Radio revealed that Real Madrid and Arsenal have reached an agreement on the transfer intrinsic hemp cbd gummies holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me of Ozil, with a transfer fee of 50 million euros.

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Yiyi holistix farms cbd gummies reviews was very happy.Nonsense, you are still a high achieving student, but it is obviously The Legend of Wa Nu.Yi Dashan stared at Yiyi beside the bed, as if there was a taste of I spent so much money for you to study, what did you teach me .Yiyi Uneducated, it s terrible Yiyi now understands the true meaning of these words, comrades who feel a big mountain can only read half of the characters And it s the easy half Sure enough, he is a great scholar who has studied in a private school for six and a half years, but his knowledge is different.Yiyi sarcastically flattered me.Nonsense, I ve read it for seven and a half years Yi Dashan widened his eyes again, and seemed very unhappy that cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews his daughter had missed one year of his diploma for no reason.Yiyi was puzzled Didn t you cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews study for half a year in the first grade There are six years from the first grade to the sixth grade, isn t it six and a half years plus the first half Comrade A Big Mountain said proudly I have been in kindergarten for a year Yiyi Hey, Xiao Yi, why are you going Yiyi walked to the door and said without looking back Go buy a piece of tofu Why buy tofu This is not good for supper I want to shoot myself to death with a piece of tofu Yi Dashan The game far away in the British peninsula did not end because of the wonderful conversation between the wonderful father and daughter.Chapter 285 The Gunners captain who made another mistake The impression given over the years is attacking, strong football, whether it is away or at home, whether holistix farms cbd gummies reviews it is the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich or the Galacticos Real Madrid.Weidenfeller s kick was stopped by Sven Bender with his chest Come down, and then Bender directly handed the ball to Royce.Originally, he wanted to hand it over to Gundogan and let Gundogan organize it, but he saw Gundogan shaking his head at him with bared teeth.Bender holistix farms cbd gummies reviews just knew it was Gundogan s old injury recurred.After receiving the ball, Royce made a gesture to the frontcourt, which was to tell the Hornets teammates to prepare to attack.Shaheen and Gundogan directly inserted, Bender directly After hesitating for a while, he chose to stay behind to prevent Arsenal from counterattacking again.Li Zihan and Ozil obviously couldn t believe their eyes, and they made the same movement at holistix farms cbd gummies reviews the same time.They hugged the back of their heads with their hands, stared at the opponent s goal with wide eyes, and were stunned on their faces The only difference is that Li Zihan didn t holistix farms cbd gummies reviews believe that he missed such a beautiful shot.But Ozil didn t believe that he missed such a good shot.Go in Wenger was on the sidelines, looking at the side of the penalty area expectantly.But when he saw Ozil s supplementary shot past the baseline, he was annoyed and shook his arm fiercely.Let s take a look at Arsenal s attack again.The referee blew his whistle to signal that the game will continue and Arsenal can take a free kick.Li Zihan did not run up immediately, but came to Arteta who was beside him and whispered something to him.Our attitude is not as important as that of the TV broadcaster.Are we playing for the game, or are we playing for the TV broadcasters This is not the first time Wenger complained about the FA s schedule.Wenger also complained about it in the past few seasons.The difference is that after Wenger s complaints were reported by the media, they were criticized by many Premier League team owners.The support of the coaches is basically the head coach who has to fight in the European war.Even Chelsea coach Mourinho, who has always been at odds with Wenger, thought Wenger was right when he was interviewed by the media.The Prime Minister of the Football Association should give more support to the teams that want to play in the European war, instead of blindly meeting the needs of the TV broadcasters and often arranging some wonderful schedules.And form a high position in the frontcourt.Arsenal are not used to this method.Every time they face They are helpless against high position presses, especially when this trick is used on Ozil.For such a technical player, it must be pressed close to the body.Anyway, his speed is not fast, and he keeps interfering with him to prevent him from being comfortable.pass the ball.Chapter 313 None of this is a problem There is also Wilshere in the middle and Ramsey damn Wenger.Why did you invest so many offensive players The two in the midfield are both attacking and organized, and there is no midfielder.Of course we also If you can catch this, Wilshere and Ramsey in the midfield must be relatively forward and participate in the attack unconsciously.So at this time, Nuri or Jonas should try more long passes after getting the ball , playing behind their midfielder and the gap between the central defender.Seeing the ball hit a beautiful wave in Arsenal s goal, Everton coach Martinez shook his fist vigorously on the sidelines.The lagging Arsenal launched a strong counterattack.In the 52nd minute, Cazorla made a breakthrough from the sideline, pretending to make a cross from the bottom.But suddenly changed direction and flicked the ball, but cut inside the penalty area and deceived the opponent s full back.Facing the defense of the opponent s central defender, Cazorla glanced at the goalkeeper s position, and then kicked directly to hit the goal.The ball flying to the far corner of the goal was saved by the American goalkeeper Howard, and the central defender Jagielka who followed him made a big foot clearance.In the fifty sixth minute, Podolski cooperated with Wilshere and Gibbs in a small scale team on the left, and then sent the ball to the ribs of the can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa penalty area.If this score continues until the end, then Everton will achieve what has never been done in history.Unprecedented consecutive three pointers at the Emirates Stadium and Old Trafford Arsenal s offense can t start the situation, and now Wenger should make some adjustments., a player with the final word.Accompanied by the commentator s voice, the director pointed the camera at how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa Li Zihan on the bench meaningfully.The fans can also see from his anxious face that he also hopes that Arsenal can score.When Arsenal s offense was booming, Everton suddenly gave the opponent a slap in the face, indicating that he is not a soft persimmon that can be squeezed by the way Wilshere dribbled the ball in the middle and tried to send the ball to Cazorla on the wing against serenity cbd gummies smoking Barkley s pressing.However, green dolphins cbd gummies the strength of the pass was a little lighter.But when he saw the famous Portuguese star Figo pulling out the note with Arsenal s name on it, he almost smashed the quilt in his hand to pieces.Who should be so unlucky to encounter the defending champion as soon as they come out.The reporters in the audience and the staff of the major clubs let out friendly and somewhat cunning laughter.Only the second place in the group other than the Bundesliga did not look good.Of course, the second place in the group that has been drawn by lottery With holistix farms cbd gummies reviews a gloating mentality, he opened the small black and white football in his hand, Figo took out a white note inside, first glanced at the note, and then inspected the staff of the major clubs sitting opposite , and finally set his sights on the holistix farms cbd gummies reviews table holistix farms cbd gummies reviews with the name Arsenal.The general manager of the club, Ivan Gazidis, who was present on behalf of Arsenal, felt a little bit in his heart, thinking that he might be the unlucky ghost, right Obviously , no one wants to provoke the opponent at this time when Bayern Munich is in the limelight.

Wenger stopped looking at the rest of the lottery, but turned to look at the dejected disciples.This is not a good lottery, obviously.But we can t give up early just because the opponent is Bayern Munich.This is not the tradition of Arsenal.The tradition of Arsenal is to show their strength and fighting spirit no matter who the opponent is.Knock out the champions After saying a lot of encouraging words, after a pause, Wenger continued I don t think there is anything more joyful than qualifying from this group, defeating the mighty Bayern and finally advancing to the next round.As soon as Wenger finished speaking, Vermaelen, the captain, also stood up to encourage his teammates The professor is right, think about it, everyone is not optimistic about us, but I suddenly killed the powerful universe team, I Miss those whores.Could this can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews be the case What kind of targeted tactics David Silva took a corner kick and went straight to the penalty area to find the central defender and center forward, but the high center forward Giroud who returned to the defense got the ball first.Yaya Toure outside the penalty area received the ball from Giroud, then swung his thighs and put on a shooting posture.The experienced Flamini had expected this a long time ago, and immediately stretched his feet over.Yaya Toure s powerful long range shot hit holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Flamini s thigh, which was stuck in the ball s path.The rebound was controlled by Ozil, and then handed over to the small man Caso who was active outside the penalty area.pull.Cazorla didn t go directly to catch the ball, but turned around and let the ball pass.Fernandinho behind him was stunned for a moment, thinking that Cazorla was going to pass the ball after receiving the ball, and subconsciously wanted to pull the opponent s jersey.In their hearts, even if this is Old Trafford, they are the same no fear The broadcast camera has been following the Arsenal fans.Through some holistix farms cbd gummies reviews close up shots, the fans in front of the TV can clearly see their wet eyes.Arsenal fans are cheering for their players.This is no longer a normal league game.Even if Arsenal lose this game, they will not immediately fall from the leader s throne.But at this moment, I I don t think Manchester City fans or Arsenal fans think about the damn standings, but about the opponent standing opposite them.If I were a bullet, galloping in the how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa mid air of Highbury, I must know my direction charge, charge, charge, pointing directly at the enemy s chest.Don t care about the confusion in the past, don t care about the enemy s obstruction, and don t feel melancholy for no reason Flying, flying, flying the gunshot, I have my direction Flying passionately at Highbury, Identifying the enemy s dwelling, Waiting for them to put their guns on the target, Then with my usual calm and firmness, I stabbed at his arrogance, Deep into his haughty heart.After a period of rest and medical treatment, there won t be holistix farms cbd gummies reviews any major problems. Then why go on, I didn t buy a ticket.Speaking, Li Zihan signaled Ozil to help him up.Chapter 357 Ball Plus Red Card Chapter 357 Ball Plus Red Card Except for some dull pain, there is no serious problem.The watermark advertisement test The watermark advertisement test then returned holistix farms cbd gummies reviews to the court with Ozil who changed the new jersey at the referee s behest.The Arsenal fans gave warm applause.On the pitch, hard working players always conquer the hearts of the fans.At this time, the referee also mediated the conflict between the two sides.Fortunately, the two sides only had some verbal conflicts, and there were no major physical movements.Therefore, Dodd did not take tough measures to send some emotional players or club staff to the stands.What do you think about the fact that he came to Highbury with the record of membership dues, but he didn t show his worth and ability.When this series of cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews questions chill gummies 100x cbd were asked, the reporters below buzzed and discussed in a low voice.It was obvious that this guy was Division of Camiguin holistix farms cbd gummies reviews here to find fault.Li Zihan didn t get angry either, and just asked softly, Which media are you from The reporter of The Sun who asked the question didn t hide his background, and directly revealed his work unit Of course, he couldn t hide it if he wanted to, because all the reporters who participated in the press conference had registered records.Oh oh The Sun The Sun Li Zihan couldn t help laughing.Then everyone laughed, everyone knew what the Sun newspaper represented in this industry, especially Li Zihan can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews had some stories to tell with them First of all, after this game, I All the outstanding performance is due to can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews Professor Wenger s excellent tactical deployment and the targeted adjustments made according to the situation during the intermission.If we have questions about things other than this game, we will have many opportunities to be interviewed by you in the future.Since Li Zihan said so , then everyone will bring the question back to this game.Wenger next to him nodded his head inwardly.Li Zihan looked young, but he was not at a holistix farms cbd gummies reviews loss like other young players when dealing with reporters difficulties how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa and short shots.Either follow the other party s questions, get duped by the other party, or conflict with the other party After other reporters asked Li Zihan a few questions, some reporters turned their attention to Pellegrini.May I ask Mr.Pellegrini, for the first 50 cbd gummies for sciatic nerve minutes of this game, you had an absolute advantage with a huge disparity of 5 to 1 and 4 goals.In the end, you were tied by Arsenal s magical 6 6 in the end.What do you say about this What do you think Pellegrini holistix farms cbd gummies reviews said I don t know what happened, as you said, we already had an absolute advantage, but the opponent s luck is really good.We look forward to working with teams at the Emirates Stadium in the years to come.Li Zi Han, Ozil, Podolski and other players expressed their full support for this cooperation.For Arsenal and Huawei, this is a win win cooperation.The partnership will also cover exclusive supply, content and branding during Arsenal games and across the club s digital and social media platforms.Huawei has access to the club s extensive marketing database, as well as matchday exclusive events at the Emirates Stadium for the match winners.The reporters were quite shocked that Arsenal suddenly signed an agreement with Huawei Group without making any noise, because there was no rumor about it before.Mr.Mark, what prompted your company to sign with Arsenal You must know that Arsenal s performance in recent years has not been very satisfactory.Because of being shoveled by Ramirez, Cazorla, who was two positions behind Sagna, suddenly rushed up to receive the ball at this time.Azpilicueta had no choice but to turn the gun to find Cazorla, and without Azpilicueta s intervention, Sagna, at this time, directly missed the ball from the sideline.Cazorla took the ball outside the ribs of buy liberty cbd gummies the penalty area, slowed down his speed, and blocked Azpilicueta on the outside with holistix farms cbd gummies reviews his right hand.From the corner of his eye, he saw John Terry pulling over to help defend.Spain s attacking midfielder suddenly picked up speed again.It seemed that he wanted to use his speed to break through his fellow Spanish full back Azpilicueta, otherwise he and Terry would form a flank.After only two steps, Cazorla immediately stepped on the ball and quickly stopped the ball.

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After losing Walcott , Li Zihan and Wilshere.They also have Ozil, Podolski, Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroudeven the holistix farms cbd gummies reviews young Chamberlain Although many players in it cannot They are 100 Arsenal people, but from their age, we can see Wenger s ability to train young holistix farms cbd gummies reviews players and his tactical philosophy.For so many years, Arsenal produced, must be a boutique has always been a major player in Europe.Wealthy is convinced, and The key is that it is not expensive, unlike European black shops.The commentator didn t know whether he was talking for Arsenal or poaching Arsenal s corner, but he also told a fact.Wenger s ability to train young players is beyond doubt.Few people can resist the temptation of a big cake coated with honey.And this is why Li Zihan finally joined Arsenal, even though Arsenal has been in an embarrassing ranking these years.Aston Villa coach Paul Lambert hugged his head in frustration.He didn t expect the opponent to be so lucky to get the score back with a set kick.Next, they will be more passive towards their own Aston Villa, because Arsenal, who have tied the score, will definitely plan an attack with great morale.And it is very, very difficult for my own team to score against such an Arsenal.How should we play next Fortunately, the opponent s wing general Podolski went down, otherwise the opponent s attack would be so sharp that Aston Villa could not bear it.It s just that this is obviously Paul Lambert s wishful thinking.He thought that after Chamberlain came on the field, instead of weakening Arsenal s offensive on the left, it made this side more active and sharp.Chamberlain s speed is much faster than the German Podolski, and Chamberlain s passing ideas are very good.Finally, Li holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Zihan emphasized and asked the reporter Are you sure he is not a Manchester United fan Li Zihan is rarely so strong in public, how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa especially in media interviews, of course Sanchez is an exception.It can be seen from this that Hanniang is also hurt by those angry words Chapter 397 Juan Mata coming Chapter 397 Juan Mata coming Seeing that the winter transfer period is coming to an end, the major teams have stepped up their pace of signings.Watermark Advertising Test Watermark Advertising Test Although it is difficult to have some major transfer transactions in winter, the timing of signing weak lineups in the middle Division of Camiguin holistix farms cbd gummies reviews of the league is still very important.At present, regarding the future of Juan Mata, the Chelsea midfielder and last season s assist king of the Blues, the media have insider information almost every day.The positions of Wilshere and Cazorla are really hard to say.The two often switched positions.For a while, Wilshere went up to serve as a striker, and for a while, Cazorla went up to replace Wilshere and came down to organize and dispatch in the attacking midfielder.In this way, Arsenal s tactics are more obvious.The two sides are routed by Li Zihan and Chamberlain, two of Arsenal s fastest players at present, to attack with speed, and Gibbs and Sagna behind them can also give the two of them a sense of speed.Good protection and assists behind.In the middle, Cazorla or Wilshere entangled the opponent s midfielder and central defender, and Ramsey behind him stepped forward to attack.This is a tactic that combines side and center, with speed on the side and technology and strength in the center.Although he was thirty four years old, his figure was still tall and straight.Li Zihan smiled If I can score goals at Anfield and it welcomes me, then I will be very happy.By the way, you don t arrange tactics in the locker room anymore The visitor shrugged, Li Zihan It s hard to believe he would do something like this.The tactical aspect is almost formulated as early as the pre match training.Before the game, I how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa will talk about the precautions and extras the temporary arrangement is fine.Now is the time for the players to relax.As for the question you just asked, there are only two There are two possibilities.The first is that you are wearing a red Liverpool jersey and scoring goals at Anfield, and the second isyou can conquer him with an astonishing performance I think I will Li Zihan thought None said firmly.This song is sung by them to the Arsenal fans who come to the away game.This is not comforting and intense, more like a kind of ridicule, irony and schadenfreude.To use Li Zihan s understanding, Liverpool fans are showing their superiority towards Arsenal fans.Interesting British fans, interesting Liverpool fans, are they celebrating the victory in advance and making fun of the opponent s fans Chapter Nine When you see him on the court, you can see hope Chapter 409 When you see him on the court, you can see hope Accompanied by the song of Liverpool, the stadium security soon dispatched security forces to surround the stands of the visiting team Arsenal.Just security guards, not violent riot police with sticks and shields.This is to prevent some individual radical Arsenal fans who can t stand it and run to find Liverpool fans to fight for 500 rounds , which leads to stadium violence.In that game, Li Zihan completed a hat trick after coming off the bench, and the three goals took only three minutes and fifty seconds Breaking the record of four minutes and thirty three seconds for the fastest hat trick in the history of the Premier League The last record has been maintained for 20 years Li beat this record by forty seconds Just when everyone was discussing that Li s record could last for ten, twenty or even thirty or forty years.Just two months after Li adjusted himself, fifty six days to be precise, this record was broken again, and it was Li himself who broke the new record Three minutes and twelve seconds holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me Remember this number, from now on, this will be the fastest hat trick record in the new English Premier League Creator Super Lee It is worth mentioning that before Li.And when he saw Li Zihan throwing the ball out, he understood a general idea, it was Li Zihan who wanted the ball to pass.When he didn t know the situation behind him, Rafinha chose to pull the opponent s jersey how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa with his hands.Now that the ball has passed, in order to complete a defense, he can only stay behind, otherwise the first class herb tincture cbd gummies opponent will face a large area behind him neutral.People and balls, it is important to leave one.Rafinha takes this defensive maxim to the extreme.only Obviously, Li Zihan s outstanding performance this season has caused most people to forget his characteristics.They only know that Li Zihan has a strong shooting ability and outstanding free kicks.Anyway, he is very good Then there is the speed and flexibility.But how fast No one has a specific reference, only know that it was very fast Just as Rafinha s hand was stretched out, before Li Zihan s jersey was pulled, Li Zihan had already made a move.

In the first two seconds, the Arsenal players lead The ball rushed into Bayern Munich s penalty area.Two seconds later, Bayern Munich s players dribbled the ball towards Arsenal s empty backcourt, and Arsenal s how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa players frantically turned around and chased it back.If it weren t for Gotze s shooting skills If it is really holistix farms cbd gummies reviews far behind Robben and Franck Ribery, Arsenal may have been completely killed by the opponent in stoppage time.The supporters of Bayern Munich are more at ease seeing this scene, at least Although Bayern Munich seemed passive in the three minutes of stoppage time, the opponent s offense was not threatening, but the two counterattacks launched by their own side missed the goal.So they no longer pay attention to the situation on the pitch.The situation has changed, but I frequently look at my watch hoping that the five minute stoppage time will soon pass.The referee Marina showed a red card to Gibbs who had nothing to do with it Is this a strange situation Did Gibbs act aggressively when he holistix farms cbd gummies reviews complained to the referee just now The referee on duty Andre Marriner showed a red card to Arsenal player Gibbs , What s natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews going on OhMarriner s red card was not given do thc gummies contain cbd to Chamberlain, but to Gibbs, he recognized the wrong person This jokeis a big deal It s too unprofessional to make such natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews a big own goal.Did holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Marina forget to wear contact lenses before the game Gibbs and Chamberlain look far apart.Well, although holistix farms cbd gummies reviews they are both The same skin color and short hair The commentators were slow to react, because the TV camera had been repeatedly playing Chamberlain s handball before, so when the screen cut to show the referee Marina Some still haven t reacted to the scene of Gibbs being given a red card Chamberlain was the first to react, and fda approved cbd gummies he rushed over to Marina and said, It s me, the referee, it s me But Marina Still gesturing to Gibbs, unmoved by Chamberlain s words.As soon as Mourinho returned to Chelsea, he launched an attack on Wenger, the rival in the same city.The famous Wenger Just an out and out loser caused quite a stir.And in the middle what to expect when eating cbd gummies of the season, the two head coaches had a war of words in the air.So this direct dialogue was again at Stamford Bridge , Wenger s Arsenal commemorates a thousand games, and their stories are even more.So in addition to the players who scored goals, the broadcasters and commentators paid the most attention to Mourinho and Wenger on the sidelines.It took a few minutes for someone to remember Now the score is five to four um Um That s right Arsenal once again narrowed the score to one goal They ve been a chaser all game, but their resilience has been astonishing.Five to four We once again witnessed Arsenal s Jedi counterattack This is already the fourth time they have staged such a thrilling Jedi counterattack this season.Oh, Li Zihan s shot seems a bit lacking in strength.Is it because his physical strength is exhausted Even the commentator thinks so.Terry, like all his teammates, turned his head to look at the ball flying into the air towards cool mint cbd gummies his own goal.But at this moment, out of the corner of his eye, he caught Li Zihan moving in front of him.What is he doing Terry instinctively wanted to reach out to pull the opponent s jersey, but thinking about the game going on so far, the goal is likely not to be scored.Wouldn t it be a loss to give a ball.So John Terry withdrew his hand, and even retracted his feet on purpose, so that Li Zihan could run past unimpeded, so as not to trip him in time, which would be even more embarrassing.After Cech judged the direction and timing, he began to pounce to catch the ball.The French veteran was out of breath, and he was not Yaya Toure s opponent in physical confrontation.The young Ramsey s can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews physical fitness is very good.Although he can t compare with 100mg cbd gummies effect the black and hard Yaya Toure, he is still much better than the 30 year old Flamini.The other one who was replaced was Podolski, who missed the opportunity to expand the score for Arsenal.In the first half, Podolski had the opportunity to expand the score for Arsenal and bring the score to a relatively safe second.Zero, but at the last touch he chose to shoot himself instead of passing the ball to Giroud, and he himself went flying.After the second half of the league season, Podolski has been gradually marginalized by Wenger.In the first half of the season, the German winger could form a good cooperation with Li Zihan, but in the second half of the season, Giroud and Ernesto Zier gradually found the feeling, and when he himself was not in good condition, he lost his position as the team s main force, and now he can only play rotation and substitute.Szczesny ignored Smalling in front of him in order to grab the speed and time difference, but chose to bypass him a little.And Szczesny also had a deep love for how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa Szczesny, and he continued to follow up on holistix farms cbd gummies reviews Szczesny.In front of Sny.Szczesny was very angry.Damn, if the tiger doesn t show his power, you really think I m a hellokitty.So Szczesny directly kicked the ball towards Smolin s back, and then Reluctantly stretching out his hands to Weber, that means look, you can kick a fart like this Weber blew the whistle knowingly, and then ran towards Smalling.Smolin This this what does this mean Smolin is completely unnecessary.You can just let Szczesny take the kick off.Why do you block the opponent s goal kick I can t figure out what Smalling means at all.He was already able to do it the first time.He only scored five goals in the league, but these five goals brought back twelve points for the black cat Sunderland Giacherini often scored an equalizer or a go ahead goal holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me at a critical time, which also made him the key man of Sunderland and was loved by fans.Sunderland came to London as a natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews guest, and Li Zihan originally wanted to invite Jaccherini over for a meal.But considering the upcoming Champions League match and Sunderland s relegation battle, Li Zihan decided to wait until the end of the season.Sunderland are now fourth from bottom in the league, four points ahead of third to last Norwich.Although not in the relegation zone, the black cat is still in danger.Now the whole Sunderland team faces every game like a bloody shot, grabbing every point After all, they are holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me very hopeful of relegation, unlike Cardiff City, which is already doomed to relegation and Chelsea, which lost this game, also fell from the league position to fourth, and Arsenal, who were originally fourth It rose to third in the holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me league.Ancelotti the fourth official asked politely.Ancelotti Zhan Jun was explaining the subtle moves on the court for everyone.The BBC s Mortensen gloated and said Li Zihan and Varane got acquainted in the first round, and the relationship between the two is very good.Do you think Varane is now helping Real Madrid as a lobbyist, hoping that Li will join Real Madrid Impossible, first of cbd gummies in anniston alabama all, Lee will not leave Arsenal so soon, if he is a smart person.Secondly, Wenger and Arsenal will not let him go easily.In the end, they only met a few can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews times in total It is unlikely that he will rise to the level of a lobbyist so soon.Lineker gave Mortensen a blank look.He knew that the other party was a Manchester United fan.As a Manchester United fan, Mortensen certainly didn t want Li Zihan to stay at Arsenal anymore Li Zihan, who had finished talking with Varane, rushed in.

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Li Zihan is one of them.Even though he has joined Arsenal for less than a season, he is only nineteen years old.But with his own performance this season, he already has a very important position in Arsenal, whether it is on the court or in the dressing room.Of course, the teammates understood the meaning of Li Zihan s words, so they all returned to their positions, ready to continue the game.Li holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me Zihan kicked the free kick in the frontcourt.His strength was relatively strong, and he directly blasted through the Real Madrid s wall.In free kicks, he seldom uses such pure power to free throws, and basically uses technology to kick curved balls or deciduous balls.Casillas was the savior again at the critical moment, and then used his fingertips to stab Li Zihan s powerful slam again.Holy Cassie He is his key savior again.The French team did not conservatively want to drag the game directly to the ball game just because the opponent was the German team.This is unrealistic.So the French team took the initiative to attack as soon as they came up, and the French team with Benzema, Balbuena who performed well, and Matuidi and Pogba who played well in the midfield also performed well.This opened the door for the German team.Of course, that is bad, if the German team does not have Neuer.In this game, the goalkeeper Neuer received high and low blocks and resolved all the attacks of the French team.Especially when the central defender pressed forward, Neuer also moved his position to the front of the penalty area.Neuer immediately rushed up to act as a sweeper central defender, slid the tackle to destroy the opponent s dribbling, and then won the time for his teammates to return to defense, then returned to the penalty area to guard the goal non stop.It s just that the figure of the transfer fee still scares many people, and many people say that Suarez is not worth so much money.Although he performed well in the South American qualifiers for the World Cup, he also shined in Liverpool, but how long has he been shining Who knows if it was a flash in the pan, and his public image is very poor, especially after biting Ivanovic and Chiellini not long after biting.Of course, these are the fans talking, and the transfer is already done.up.These several blockbuster transfer transactions completely kicked off the semi finals of the World Cup.The match between Brazil and Germany will be played first, and the match between the Netherlands and Argentina will be the next day.For the encounter between the five star Samba Legion and the three star German chariot, everyone is looking forward to this game where Mars hits how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa the earth.Monreal replaced Gibbs, young player Chambers who joined Arsenal from Southampton was replaced by young player Bellerin from Arsenal s youth academy, and the goalkeeper did not change.But the starting goalkeeper for this game was not Szczesny, but the newly joined Colombian goalkeeper Ospina.There are not many people watching the game, most of them are home fans of Wimbledon Athletic.There is also a part of Arsenal s scouts for first clubs, such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and other teams who know themselves and their enemies.Foreigners also understand this truth.They are here to inspect Arsenal s running in and tactics in the new season.Li Zihan visually estimated that the opponent should weigh more than 150 kilograms.In the game, the central defender Koscielny, who was not physically dominant, was suppressed by the opponent, and the opponent s only goal was from Koscielny.This price surprised everyone, because Arsenal actually offered 10 million for a young player born in the 1990s who had hardly proven himself in the first tier leagues.This is not Arsenal s style at all.Of course, if the data of scoring three goals in three consecutive league rounds last season is proved, can Kane s guy be compared with England international Welbeck Although everyone often blacks and blacks, at least they can still play in Manchester United, and what about Kane I used to be on loan to the League One and Championship teams and saw this transfer fee.Everyone s first reaction was that the player was only worth 6 million euros, and the other 4 million euros were the Premier League account book Regarding the disturbances from the outside world, Arsenal did not explain or debate anything, but remained silent.as expected Paris Saint Germain Grass Enrique almost cursed out.Barcelona fans hate Figo even more in their hearts.From Barcelona s defection holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me to Real Madrid, Catalan fans have hated the Portuguese superstar to death.But today, the hatred value of Barcelona fans for him reached a new high.Basel was drawn for Real Madrid, but Paris Saint Germain, which is almost the strongest among all second tier teams, was drawn cbd edibles gummies drug test for Barcelona Poor Portuguese, this offended Atletico Madrid all at once , Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Barcelona and fans of Paris Saint Germain.Chapter 578 Group of Death Chapter 578 Group of Death In Chelsea s Group G, the opponent is the Bundesliga powerhouse Schalke Zero Four.Although Schalke 04 is very strong, not much worse than Dortmund, but compared to Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Juventus, it is obviously a good sign.Arsenal was tied 1 1 by this newly promoted team in the away game.Leicester defended very tightly, and Arsenal basically had no chance.What can you do when the only striker of the opponent drops back to help the defense Eleven people standing in the penalty area, this position alone is enough to block more than 80 of the opponent s shots.Moreover, Leicester s defense was very targeted.In the absence of many core players, they focused on Li Zihan.So Li Zihan was trapped in the opponent s muscle forest throughout the game, but Li Zihan is very familiar with this kind of defense, especially in the Premier League.In a personal breakthrough, Li Zihan drew a foul from the opponent and finally got a free kick in the frontcourt.The holistix farms cbd gummies reviews pura kana cbd gummies opponent s entire team, including the head coach, was worried because Li Zihan s success rate of free kicks was too high In the end, just when everyone thought that Li Zihan would hit the goal directly at this distance, he suddenly passed the football to the head of the central defender Koscielny.The cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews ball flies towards Arsenal s goal.At Division of Camiguin holistix farms cbd gummies reviews this moment, everyone s hearts were raised.Whether the goal is scored or not is two completely different fates for the two teams.The football hit Ospina s glove, and the Arsenal fans were overjoyed, but then the ball rebounded and continued to fly towards the goal.The Arsenal fans who raised their hearts to their throats didn t let it go, and immediately raised it again.The changed direction of the football hit the far end of the post, and the Arsenal fans were delighted again.Just when the smile appeared on the face, it completely froze, because after the football hit the inside of the post, it bounced into the goal The Leicester City team who scored the goal was stunned for a moment, obviously not expecting the goal Really got in.After about three seconds, the Fox players paradise island cbd gummies zebra in blue home jerseys began to celebrate wildly after seeing the referee s gesture that the goal was valid.

The giants on the back are the Arabic numeral 12, and there are only two letters above the number, or a pinyin li.According to the practice of the Chinese team, there will be no player names on the jerseys of ordinary players.Unless it is those On important FIFA matches, even if there are players, they can write all the names of the players.For example, the pinyin of Li Zihan should be can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa healing hemp cbd gummies reviews li zihang , but now for the first time, the pinyin abbreviation of Li Zihan s surname, which is familiar to all fans, is used , this is his name on the back of Juventus and Arsenal jerseys.The second photo is very interesting, it is a little boy about seven or eight years old, he is sitting on a football, the grass is below the football, not That kind of standard stadium lawn, but the ordinary grass that can be seen everywhere.The two teams began to play, and the on site commentator began to read the name of each player who played.The first is Arsenal s list.When Li Zihan s name was read, all the fans shouted loudly.Li Zi Han This is the most popular name, and to a certain extent, he directly represents the popularity of players in the hearts of fans.At this time, Buffon began to understand why Li Zihan wanted to leave Juventus in the first place.The fans here are really good.And when the on site commentator read the Juventus starting list, it was relatively simple.He finished reading Juventus eleven directly in one breath very quickly.Who is at home and who is away can be felt from here.Players from both sides began to shake hands with the referee group.Li Zihan and Pogba chatted happily about their former teammates.And the good start of this season has made Aston Villa, a century old club, more urgent for this idea, so they are eager to score points.So they now hope that Arsenal can underestimate them.In the end, holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me they gave Arsenal a surprise and successfully got the hard won three points.Facts tell us a truth, the ideal is very plump, and the display is very skinny Before the game started, Wenger said that Arsenal needed to be prepared.Now Aston Villa hopes that Wenger s strategy is to delay the attack, and they don t really value themselves so much.But when Wenger announced the starting list before the game, Aston Villa completely lost those unrealistic fantasies.In Arsenal s starting list, Li Zihan, Sanchez and Ozil are all big guys on the offensive line, and even the German defensive midfielder Lars Bender is in Aston Villa Tears ran and when the result of the game came out, Aston Villa was no longer crying, but wanted to crash to death on the pillars of the Villa Park Stadium.Irish striker Shane Long came off the bench, while Italian striker Pellet also came on.Two consecutive substitutions, and they are still on the front line, from here we can see Koeman s attitude.He is not satisfied with swallowing the bitter fruit of failure, he needs to make a final fight.Pellet s offensive efficiency is very high.He has played a total of five games this season, including two as a holistix farms cbd gummies reviews substitute, but he has already scored three goals And Shane Long is a speed type shortstop, what he is good at is to create opportunities for the team.Wenger made a gesture towards the team.He signaled the team to maintain the current possession of the ball, stop the opponent s counterattack, and then wait for an opportunity to launch a counterattack.But Wenger underestimated Southampton s offense too much.They are demonstrating to the Arsenal players to let everyone know that this is Stamford Bridge and the Blues Chelsea.And the Arsenal fans who came to the away game were not to be outdone, they also began to sing their own team anthem Just because this is an away game, Chelsea provides very limited tickets for the away team to the rival Arsenal, so at 40,000 Chelsea Under the voices of the fans, the voices of the Arsenal fans can hardly be heard Li Zihan has already heard the singing of the Chelsea fans in the visiting team dressing room.Especially the sound insulation effect, they can clearly hear the voices of the fans on the field during the halftime break and before holistix farms cbd gummies reviews the game.This is also a kind of interference tactic of the Premier League teams, Chelsea has it, Manchester United has it, Arsenal also has it, and there used to be visiting teams There is no hot water available before and after the game, and the showers are all cold.So it is impossible for him to squeeze his core, which is not good for the players and the team The last thing is that after this game is over, it will be the national team match day.Li Zihan, who has just been selected for the Chinese team, will fly halfway around the world to China to play a friendly match where the opponent s name is unknown.In order to avoid injuries during the long distance running, Wenger had to give Li Zihan more time.Go to the home court of the Turkish Devils to play a game, then return to London to play a derby against the arch enemy, and then fly to faraway Asia to play a friendly match, these matches are all in ten days or something, and then return to best cbd gummies for sibo London even if it is Iron Man It s too much, so this is the biggest factor for Wenger to let Li Zihan be a substitute.The pass error finally let Chelsea seize the opportunity Mortensen interpreted it well.Let s see what happened at that time The camera cuts to the moment when Gibbs lost the ball, and the slow motion playback.Gibbs took the ball and William pushed forward, which caught Gibbs by surprise, but Sanchez s pass was also a bit irresponsible.After all, the distance between Gibbs holistix farms cbd gummies reviews and him was too short, and he didn t notice Gibbs.The nearby calmcures cbd gummies Brazilian cbd gummies uk wingback William seemed to confirm Mortensen s conjecture.The director slowly switched the camera to Gibbs first perspective, and then swept to the front of Gibbs eyes.The result was a serious face.Mama Marina Alan Hansen s calm face was filled with unbelievable astonishment.I m sorry Gibbs passed the ball under William s pressure, but he saw Marina staring at him before passing the ball, which caused nervousness, the strength of the pass was not grasped, and it was given to the forward.Marina ignored each other, just pointing to holistix farms cbd gummies reviews the player channel to signal the opponent to leave quickly.Oh A major turning point has taken place in the game In the 82nd minute of the game, about 10 minutes before the end of the game including injury time, Matic, Chelsea s iron waist, fouled and knocked down in the process of defending Li Zihan s breakthrough.Li, and the referee on duty Marina showed him a red card Red card Matic gets a ruby natures one cbd gummies official website holistix farms cbd gummies reviews and diamond card Li Zihan The red card maker was no exception in this game and gave Chelsea a red card Arsenal received a red card in the big reversal last season, although that red card was somewhat entertaining.But Chelsea also got a red card in this game this season, really The story between how to make cbd gummy candy can you fly with cbd gummies 2021 tsa Arsenal and Chelsea will continue Matic and his friends were stunned.

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So in the next game, Swansea, who was sitting at the Liberty Stadium, played more and more unrestrained, and finally the two teams staged an offensive showdown at the Liberty Stadium But they forget that the current Arsenal is a team that is not afraid of confrontation.Li Zihan scored twice in the 67th minute of the game.When both sides are pressing high, fouls are easy to occur.South Korean central midfielder Ji Sung yong brought Li Zihan down about four yards in front of the penalty area, and Li Zihan came up to take a free kick.Without any suspense, the football entered the opponent s goal for the third time.Ji Chengyong smashed his fist in great annoyance.At this time, Wenger also began to make substitution adjustments.He first replaced Ramsey with Wilshere, and then replaced Harry Kane with Chamberlain.They won two wins, two draws and two losses embarrassingly got eight points to qualify.Among the four Premier League cbd gummies green teams competing in the UEFA Champions League, only Liverpool s performance is worse than them, and the results of the London duo are better than theirs.You must know that these two difficult brothers were the league champions and runners up last season The Serie A powerhouse Red Wolves Roma only had five points, so they went to play in the UEFA Cup, while CSKA was eliminated.In Group F, in the confrontation between Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain, Barcelona still had the last laugh.They scored 15 points, and with five wins and one loss, they once won the first place in the group.Paris Saint Germain was only one step behind, and the Frenchman scored 15 points with four wins, one draw and one loss.Hao Haidong said.Huang Jianxiang and Hao Haidong were guests on the CCTV Sports Channel, and they had some scruples about speaking on such occasions.But online netizens and fans don t have so many scruples This is a typical black whistle It used to be said that the Chinese team should blame the referee for losing the game, but now even if the Chinese team wins, the referee is also to blame It s too dark, isn t it holistix farms cbd gummies reviews royal blend cbd gummies near me obvious, some people are really shameless Such a head referee is really weird, and this is an international referee Are you sure he didn t pass the test through the back door as a gift Upstairs , It looks like this, they bought it for real money, nine yuan and nine free shipping.Facing the Saudi team s 12 man lineup, the Chinese team will not be able to play even if they lead by two goals in the second half.It s like playing with cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews the college team for a long time, and suddenly one day playing with the elementary school team, Li Zihan naturally has no interest.If the Asian Cup was not very attractive to both Li Zihan and the Chinese team, he really didn t want to come.In the end, the result of the game was 3 1, and the Saudi team scored to save the situation at the end of the game.A goal by the son.The Chinese team also defeated the Saudi Arabian team for the first time in 18 years, and got a good start in the Asian Cup This hearty victory gave the Chinese fans a boost, and the whole country rejoiced In the post match press conference, Perrin severely condemned the Saudi team s style of play.He said it was unsportsmanlike.Who dares to play football And Li Zihan said in an interview, don t be surprised by this victory, because the performance of his teammates is fully worthy of this victory, which is what we deserve.On October 14th, the Chinese team will play the second game.Their opponent in this game is the Uzbekistan team, which is a strong team.In the starting lineup, the Chinese team did not change much.The only change was in the midfield.Wu Xi sat on the bench in this game.The starting lineup was Shandong Luneng Taishan midfielder Liu Binbin in 1993.Wu Xi s ability is still good, and his performance in the last game was not bad.He was rotated in this game just to give Liu Binbin some opportunities.And in Perrin s mind, this game must be won, so that he doesn t have to beat the North Korean team in the final round.And Liu Binbin s passing is very good, so Pei Lan wants to use Liu Binbin s passing to create opportunities for the team.The big victory against the Saudi team in the last round gave Chinese fans great hope, so more Chinese fans came to watch the game.It is now the middle of January, and it has been almost twenty days since Li Zihan left Arsenal.When Li Zihan just left Arsenal, the team s results and performance were not bad.They respectively defeated the newly promoted Queen s Park Rangers 2 1, and then defeated their city rivals West Ham, also known as the Hammer Gang, 2 0.m.It seems that Li Zihan s departure did not affect Arsenal, and after Li Zihan left, Sanchez and Ozil carried the banner of the team.But Li Zihan cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews s position in Arsenal is now irreplaceable.In the 20th round of the Premier League on January 1st, the first day of the new year, Arsenal encountered Waterloo.They lost 2 0 away to Southampton, the Saints who were in the limelight during this period.The Saints led by Koeman completed their first victory against Arsenal.In the previous FA Cup, Koeman cbd gummies for intimacy holistix farms cbd gummies reviews s Southampton was beaten by Arsenal helplessly, but in this league, the roles were reversed all of a sudden.Wang Shangyuan did not hesitate, and directly hit the far corner from the near corner of the goal.The Australian goalkeeper was unprepared and watched as the football flew into the far corner of the goal.Just when everyone thought the goal was going to be scored, the football did not fly to the side of the goal net, but slid past the goal.The Australian fans breathed a sigh of relief, but in less than a second, the plot took a turn.On the other side, Li Zihan suddenly appeared at the far post, and then kicked the football that was about to roll off the baseline, and then the football flew into Australia ten times faster than Li Zihan appeared at this position.goal.The ball scored In an instant, the Chinese fans who came to the Brisbane Stadium to watch the game jumped up from their seats, and huge cheers filled the entire stadium.The short film focuses on the two geniuses who met at Jutus in 2012.At that time, Li Han had just turned 18, and Pogba had just come out of Manchester United at the age of 19.In the end, Li Han moved to Arsenal and completely became famous.A year later, Pogba followed in the footsteps of his best friend and came to Arsenal.That season they successfully defended the FA Cup and the Champions League, becoming the first team to defend the Champions League after the restructuring.Since then, they have added glory.The cooperation between the two is also known as the most aura and pleasing cooperation, and they are also best friends in private.In 2016, Vidal, a friend of the two who did not win the Champions League in Jutus, planned to leave.The two persuaded him to join Arsenal.In the end, Vidal successfully joined, and Arsenal s lineup was improved to a higher level.


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