PUJ Airport Travel Tips - Punta Cana International Airport (2023)

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PUJ Airport Travel Tips - Punta Cana International Airport (2)

Begin Your Vacation The Right Away by Quickly Going Through the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ AIRPORT) with these Travel Tips.

PUJ Airport Travel Tips - Punta Cana International Airport (3)

Vacations always seem like they are never going to start, especially since you normally need to spend hours in airports before you finally reach your destination.

After all, you need to arrive at the airport a couple of hours prior to your departure, then you usually do not leave or land on time, and then you need to clear customs before you can even leave the airport that you are arriving in.

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do when you arrive at Punta Cana International Airport that will speed the entire process up and get your vacation started sooner.

Here are 3 things that you should do to get through the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ AIRPORT) quickly:

Choose VIP Services

One of the best ways to avoid the long lines in customs at the (PUJ AIRPORT) Punta Cana International Airport is to purchase a VIP service. This service will allow you to skip those lines, which will save you at least an hour and sometimes more depending on what time of day you arrive at the airport. There is a charge for these services and they need to be requested at least two days in advance, but if they are available to you, you will find yourself at your resort relaxing much sooner than everyone else. Click Here To See VIP Airport Fees.

Book Your Airport Transfer in Advance

There is always going to be a long line of travelers waiting for an available taxi outside the airport, and while you may think that you can bypass them by requesting an Uber as soon as you arrive, you will be shocked at the cost.

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Instead, you will want to book your airport transfer prior to your arrival. Many transfers can be booked online, and you can also choose the type of transfer vehicle that you either prefer or need. That means that you will not be trying to shove multiple suitcases into a vehicle that is too small or finding yourself way in the back of a passenger van as you are traveling alone. Click Here to Book or Get A Quote

There is no need for you to spend a lot of time at (PUJ AIRPORT) Punta Cana International Airport when you would prefer to be starting your vacation.

These tips will help get you out of there quicker and get you to your hotel and the beach much faster, where you will enjoy a drink while relaxing in paradise.

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If You're Already in Dominican Republic

We offer you airport transfers to and from any airport in the country. Skip the hassle of waiting for a taxi or public transportation.


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  • PUJ Airport Travel Tips - Punta Cana International Airport (4)

PUJ Airport Travel Tips - Punta Cana International Airport (5)

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How long does it take to get through PUJ airport? ›

One of the most common questions we get from travelers visiting Punta Cana is how long lines at Punta Cana airport during the high season are. The truth is lines can be 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on season and day of the week.

How early should you get to PUJ airport? ›

After all, you need to arrive at the airport a couple of hours prior to your departure, then you usually do not leave or land on time, and then you need to clear customs before you can even leave the airport that you are arriving in.

Do you have to go through customs when arriving in Punta Cana? ›

Upon arrival, every tourist must buy a tourist card ($10 USD) before entering customs. Many tour operators have included this in your package or airfare and will have received the Tourist Card on the flight.

What do I need to know before going to Punta Cana? ›

Top 10 Helpful Things To Know About Punta Cana
  • There Is An Airport Visitor Fee. ...
  • Pre-book Your Airport Transportation. ...
  • Your US Dollars Are Acceptable. ...
  • Ignore The Clouds On Your Weather App. ...
  • Keep Your Top On. ...
  • The Town Is Far Away. ...
  • It's A Tourist Destination. ...
  • Tipping Is A Must.
Aug 7, 2022

What are the busiest times at Punta Cana Airport? ›

Punta Cana Airport has a peak of departing traffic between the hours of 10 AM and 3PM. A peak of arriving traffic between 12:00pm and 4:00 pm. If your flights are leaving or departing before 11:00AM or 5:00PM, you will be fine arriving or leaving through the regular passenger process.

What should I do at the airport for the first time? ›

Best advice for first-time flyers
  • Check the airline's luggage requirements.
  • Pack essentials in your carry-on.
  • Arrive at the airport two hours early.
  • Keep your ID handy.
  • Wear easy-to-remove shoes.
  • Respect other passengers' space.
  • Have a backup plan ready.
May 9, 2022

Do you really need to arrive 2 hours before a flight? ›

When you're traveling within the United States, we make the suggestion to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure. For most airports, you must be checked in at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time (airports requiring additional time are listed below, Go to footer note).

Is it OK to arrive 2 hours before international flight? ›

While the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) recommends travelers arrive two hours before a domestic flight and three hours prior to an international trip, “those are just general times,” says Richard Duncan, the Assistant General Manager of Public Safety and Security at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson ...

What is the slowest day of the week at the airport? ›

Most weeks of the year, Fridays are the busiest days to fly, and Tuesdays are the least busy.

Should I fill out my Eticket before customs in Dominican Republic? ›

Yes, the form must be filled out for each trip. Does the airline have to read the QR code? The airline will ask for QR code to make sure that the passengers have completed the form before traveling.

How much cash should I bring to all inclusive Punta Cana? ›

The total budget of your vacation in the Dominican Republic should be around RD$6,000 per person per day. However, you don't have to take this amount in cash. You can regularly pay with a credit card and withdraw money at ATMs. Therefore, it is recommended to take around 200 to 300 dollars per person for your vacation.

What can you not bring back from Dominican Republic? ›

Products such as chicharrón, longaniza, jamón, salami, jamoneta, and sancocho should not be taken on international trips. Individuals who travel to the United States with pork products purchased in the Dominican Republic can be subject to a $300 fine.

What should I wear in Punta Cana? ›

Make sure to avoid synthetic clothes and opt for airy tank tops, shorts, sundresses and other light clothes. Otherwise, you will sweat a lot under the sun and even in a shade – the temperature and the humidity levels are too high here all year round.

What should I pack for Punta Cana? ›

Punta Cana Packing List
  • Sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sandals.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Sun hat.
  • Anything you need for your favorite water activities (snorkeling gear, waterproof pouch, etc.)

Can you use dollars in Punta Cana? ›

Currency in Punta Cana

That being said, US Dollars are widely accepted and actually preferred over the peso. Taxis, excursion vendors, and restaurants will all accept USD and usually have the same rate as the bank.

Is a dollar a good tip in Punta Cana? ›

The United States dollar is preferred when tipping in Punta Cana. If you have Dominican pesos feel free to tip using it however it is uncommon to tip more than 250 Pesos (5 Dollars). US dollars are preferred to other currencies as it is easier for the locals to exchange.

How much do you tip a cab driver in Punta Cana? ›

Taxi Drivers: Should I tip? As with restaurants, in the Dominican Republic some taxi companies will add a 10% service fee to your final fare, but not all do. Make sure you know if it is included or not before you pay. If it's not leaving a gratuity of around 10% is good tipping etiquette.

What is the rainiest month in Punta Cana? ›

And Punta Cana in particular has been known to face severe tropical storms, with October being the rainiest month.

Do I need to print my boarding pass? ›

Depending on the requirements of airport authorities, you will need to present a mobile boarding pass, a paper boarding pass printed out by you or a paper boarding pass picked up from the check-in desk.

What should I put in my carry-on bag? ›

Carry-on packing list
  1. Travel wallet.
  2. Passport holder.
  3. Toiletry bag.
  4. TSA-approved liquids bag and compliant containers.
  5. Prescription medications.
  6. Luggage tag.
  7. Travel pillow.
  8. Packing cubes.
Oct 12, 2022

Do I need to check in at the airport if I checked-in online? ›

In most cases, you will only need to go to check-in when you have checked-in online if you need to drop off an item of hold baggage. Please ensure that you are aware of the hand baggage requirements for your specific airline before you travel.

What to do at the airport step by step 2022? ›

Please refer to our privacy policy to learn more.
  1. Arrive in the right spot — and at the right time. ...
  2. Check in. ...
  3. Go through the security checkpoint. ...
  4. Find your gate. ...
  5. Wait at the gate. ...
  6. Board the airplane. ...
  7. Retrieve your luggage. ...
  8. Exit the airport and enjoy your trip.

What do you do at the airport when you check-in online? ›

When using the digital check-in, once at the airport, all you have to do is drop your luggage which you have already checked-in citing the weight and dimensions of your bags. This saves you more than 40 minutes in queues and waiting – also you don't have to print your boarding pass and have it with you.

Do I really need to be 3 hours early for international flights? ›

As a rule of thumb, you need to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the official time of departure when flying international. That's what the US Transportation Security Administration advises to air passengers.

Is 1 hour enough for international flight? ›

If you can't avoid connecting, don't book the shortest layover, because you'll be building in stress and the possibility of missing your flight. A 1-hour layover is not enough anymore. Thirty minutes, not a chance. In most cases, 3 hours is safe.

Does TSA PreCheck help with international flights? ›

Yes. TSA PreCheck® is available when you depart from a U.S. airport to a foreign country, and for domestic, connecting flights after you return to the United States. If you travel internationally four or more times a year, consider enrolling in Global Entry instead of TSA PreCheck®.

How long does it take to get through Turks and Caicos airport? ›

Most airlines recommend arriving at least 2 hours before international flights. For domestic flights, 45 minutes is sufficient.

How busy is Punta Cana airport? ›

Punta Cana Airport is a big deal around here: it's the busiest in the Dominican Republic and the second busiest in the Caribbean.

How long does it take to clear customs in the Dominican Republic? ›

Dominican Customs officials indicate that the average clearance takes three days from submission of complete documentation. Clearances can be made in hours if importers make use of the “On-Line Customs Clearance”, which allows for pre-arrival clearance.

How long does Puerto Rico airport take? ›

It is recommended that you arrive 2 hours prior to your flight if you're traveling to the United States. International flights are recommended to arrive 3 hours prior to departure.


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