Unlocking the Door to Global Citizenship: A Guide to Citizenship by Investment Programs (2023)

Unlocking the Door to Global Citizenship: A Guide to Citizenship by Investment Programs (1)

According to the 2021 Global Program Data by the Investment Migration Insider, Panama, Australia, Spain, the USA, and South Korea are the top five countries of preference when it comes to investment migration.

But several other countries are way more profitable and easier to get in via investment programs. We will cover these countries in this article.

Who is a global citizen?

A global citizen is someone who is not confined to the chains of a particular nation or government. He or she can travel across the globe, visa-free. And can unlock the complete potential of what the world has to offer.

It gives you access to international freedom depending on your choice of passport. And opens up avenues for you to have greater global mobility, better financial liberty, and improved quality of life.

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Passports of different countries carry different weightages. Not all of them are made equal.

Some passports offer visa-free traveling to up to 150 countries. Whereas there are some which allow visa-free travel to a multitude of countries. So, you must choose your passport carefully.

You would want one that gives you access to the economic, cultural, and tourist hotspots of the world, such as the EU, China, Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, etc.

The world passport rankings are highlighted on the passport. And you can even find how some of the most popular citizenship preferences stack up against each other on Global Residence Index.

The passport index shows the strength and capability of the passports by listing the number of visa-free destinations. To become a global citizen, you would need to choose a passport that complements your current passport. And not the one that overlaps with your visa-free destinations.

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The process of acquiring global citizenship is long and tedious, probably out of reach too for many due to the time and effort it consumes to bring everything to fruition. One of the most effective ways to be a global citizen is to take the investment program route.

Why get global citizenship via investment programs?

  1. Tax

It is a good step towards a tax-free lifestyle. Of course, it won’t get you immediate respite from your tax situation. But it still is an important first step to be considered.

  1. Travel

Economic passports can give you a golden opportunity to try and access difficult markets such as China, Russia, South Africa, etc.

  1. Insurance

This can be a solid PLAN B for those who wish to relinquish their earlier passport or want a new passport in a shorter period. This could be a better option than opting for the traditional way of citizenship, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

Benefits of becoming a Global Citizen

  • Near unrestricted movement – There is almost complete freedom of movement. Certain investment countries such as St.Kitts and Nevis offer you around 150 visa-free travel destinations around the globe. These destinations can further turn into potential business hubs for you if you can capitalize on them.
  • More financial liberty – As a Global Citizen, you will have all the rights to sort out your finances as you see fit. There will be no interference from a singular government dictating to you how you should spend or invest your money.

Countries like Dominica offer citizenship by minimum investments on a legal basis. And is one of the leading tax havens in the world. St. Kitts and Nevis is crypto-friendly. So, it safeguards your crypto investments, unlike many other global powerhouses that seek to control the flow of cryptocurrency.


  • PLAN B – It is not “a” plan B. It is “the” PLAN B that makes all the difference. The entire world suffered when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the world governments went into indefinite lockdowns.

People were at the mercy of government institutions, and dissent was not tolerated. But global citizens at that time could choose where they wanted to wait out the pandemic, and they did just that.

Also, you have the option to quit being part of the country with an affected government. And you can easily switch to another country with a government that safeguards you. This is the ultimate PLAN B that you can fully trust and bank on.

  • Business opportunities – Being a global citizen, your ability to expand your business or craft increases due to seamless access to a larger market base.
  • Better quality of life – You have access to multiple landscapes and environments. It is also a safer, more productive atmosphere for your family and children as the country provides a more stable environment for them to pursue their education.

They also get the opportunity to explore different cultures and life avenues so they can develop broader perspectives and live life to the fullest.

How to be a global citizen via investment programs?

By far, the best value and highest-recommended choices of most permanent global citizens are all to be found in the Caribbean region.

Here is the list of the top countries that provide citizenship through dedicated investment programs:

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  • Antigua and Barbuda: 151 visa-free countries and 10 years visa to the US. The 4 investment alternatives are a monetary contribution to the National Transformation Fund north of $100,000, a real estate investment of more than $200,000, a University contribution of over $150,000, and a business investment worth $1500000 or more.
  • Dominica: This program offers visa-free travel to 145 countries and 10 years visa to the US. You can invest $200000 in real estate, which can be resold in three years. The other investment option, which is slightly cheaper, is a contribution to the Dominica Economy Diversification Fund. This investment is non-refundable but is directly beneficial to the residents of the country.
  • St.Kitts and Nevis: 157 visa-free countries and 10 years visa to the US. There are 2 investment options such as real estate purchase or donation to the government or both.
  • St.Lucia: 147 visa-free countries and 10 years visa to the US. There are 4 investment options such as business investment, real estate investment, investment in government bonds, and contribution to the National Economic fund.
  • Grenada: Contributions to the National Transformation Fund of more than $150000 and real estate purchase of over $220000 or both. The program also offers visa-free travel to 146 countries along with 10 years visa to the US (B1/B2)
  • Malta (Europe): This program is amazingly lucrative and offers visa-free travel t 185 countries. You are also eligible to receive a permanent travel visa to the US and Canada.

Before investing in Malta or applying for citizenship, you need to obtain a residence permit and rent your property for a minimum of 5 years for at least 12000 Euros. The maximum rent can go up to 16000 Euros per year.

The other investment option is to purchase a housing property after 1 year of holding a residence permit. The property purchase should be a minimum worth of 700000 Euros and must be held for at least 5 years before selling it off.

Additional contributions to the NDSF (National Development and Social Fund) and a charity are also mandatory.

  • Vanuatu (Oceania): The program offers visa-free travel to 98 countries along with 10 years visa to the US. The investment avenue in Vanuatu is just restricted to one, which is the compulsory contribution of a minimum of $130000 to the National Development Fund. The due diligence charges are standardized and set to $5000 for all applicants.


If you are interested in global citizenship via investment solutions and wish to get more information, you can consult the hands-on professionals at https://globalresidenceindex.com/ .

Meta description – Being a global citizen is considered a distant dream for many. But becoming one is easier than you think it is if you are well informed. So, how is it possible? Read on to know.

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